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  • Sustainatopia Honors
  • The Social Venture Capital/Social Enterprise Conference and many more events, panels and experiences!

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Watch this link to view the live event directed by our Aceneth Founder - Johanna Salazar

"Sustainatopia Honors 2011 is the world's premier event honoring those impacting the world for GOOD. Celebrities and Honorees included Donna Karan, Patricia Arquette, Venus Williams, supermodel Selita Ebanks, Maria Bello, Tico Torres of Bon Jovi and many others. Sustainatopia Honors 2011 was one of the first private events held at the beautiful Frank Gehry/New World Center. Sustainatopia Honors is a keystone event of Sustainatopia, the week long celebration of GOOD through film, art, music, eco-fashion, food, design, parties and conferences which takes place annually in Miami, Florida and attracts thousands from over 50 countries. Some call it 'the Art Basel for GOOD". Note by Founder of Sustaintopia, John Rosser



Aceneth has launched the Miami Chapter of Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE) a national organization with chapters in San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles, and New York City.


YWSE provides an environment in which young women social entrepreneurs’ visions and goals are affirmed, supported, promoted, and propelled. Hundreds of women are currently participating in the network nationally and the newly formed Miami Chapter is already starting strong!


Our first partnership & launch event on April 2nd, 2011 - REVOLUTION! The Party for Young Social Entrepreneurs & SUSTAINATOPIA 2011!!!


Stay tuned for what the YWSE ladies have in store this year! As they would say, "THE REVOLUTION WILL BE TWEETED! #ywsemiami"


If you are a female social entrepreneur and have been searching for a network of like-minded women on the same mission as you, being the change you want to see in the world - JOIN US!


Reach out to Gloria.Camacho@acenth.com for more.


Join us on YWSE-Miami on Facebook or follow us on Twitter #ywsemiami


Learn more about our national organization @ www.ywse.org

The premiere of first our film: "a service for peace"

Aceneth has reached the completion of our first original film, "A Service for Peace" (42 min). Upon launching our social enterprise & media company, we were given the chance to put our mission to the test. When the call came in from international non-profit Service for Peace with the opportunity to partner in a project in Brazil, armed with only 2 FLIP cameras and an idea, our mission of producing impact came to life and the true superheroes of the future were revealed. This film shares the personal experience of 7 young, American volunteers who traveled to Brazil and dedicated their Christmas vacation to the revamping of a small community center. It is a glimpse of what is possible through the gift of service.


*A Sneak Peek of the film presented at the SUSTAINATOPIA 2011: Opening Ceremony.


*Previews of the film are available on our site's main page as well as on our You Tube page - AcenethTV


For more on the distribution of this film, available screenings and opportunities to help spread the message of Changemaking reach out to Johanna.Salazar@aceneth.com.


ACENETH @ SVC/SE -Miami 2011- Social Venture Capital / Social Enterprise Conference - April 4-6

We have a booth... 3 days of selling our agenda! www.connectionmiami.com


We have a panel... “South Florida Rising Women Stars” - Johanna represents! www.connectionmiami.com 2011-conference-agenda


We & the ladies of YWSE-Miami have a Roundtable & brunch... “Media & Social Enterprise” www.sustainatopia.com discussions_thehub_sunday

BlogTalkRadio: Social Entrepreneur

Why Are We Social Entrepreneurs? Because we want to make a difference! Ever since we were introduced to the concept of Social Enterprise, we fell in love with the idea of combining our passion for giving back to our community, with what we did for a living, which was tv production. Working in the production world gave us the necessary skills to survive in the media world; while embracing the tools of social enterprise taught us how to do "Good" business.

An online charity connecting you to classrooms in need
Breaking: Good news

Dear ONE Member, Great news today. The 2011 US budget that passed Congress last night preserves nearly all funding for key programs fighting poverty in the developing world.


The threat of Congress severely cutting these programs was very real. In fact, the budget that's currently on its way to the President's desk for his signature makes some of the most significant cuts to the federal government in American history. But we campaigned hard to make sure Congress prioritized programs that save lives, and now programs that fight HIV/AIDS, malaria, and hunger will maintain full funding.


Check out the ONE Blog for more details about what this means. And give yourself a pat on the back. Because of hundreds of thousands of ONE members working together, our voices were heard loud and clear on Capitol Hill and cuts that could have been devastating for the world's poorest people were avoided.


Thank you! Sheila Nix and the entire U.S. ONE staff

MARCH 31-APRIL 6, 2011 . MIAMI
Dec 10 2010 2:41AM
SFP creating a Peacemakers

Like many young people, Michael Bustamante from East Hampton, New York, wanted to have a "normal" life: go to college, graduate and find a good job to pay the bills.  But in some part of his mind and heart, he knew that he could do something for other people, to work to create peace through service.


Through Aceneth, a social entrepreneurship multi-media company that aims to create impact through diverse social initiatives, Michael learned about the Global PeaceMakers program in Brazil, scheduled for December 2009. Though Michael didn’t know what to expect on the Global Peacemakers program, he was enthusiastic about helping people through a rural educational project in Alagado da Suzana, Brazil.


"I basically thought I was going to be placed in a village where much help was needed. I honestly thought the living conditions were going to be tough. I thought we were basically going to rebuild an entire building," explained Michael.


In Brazil, Michael learned how to work as a team, renewing the infrastructure and providing equipment to a rural Internet and community center. International volunteers worked with local Brazilian volunteers, local community members, and dozens of local businesses, government agencies, NGOs, and individuals with a passion to serve.


Michael learned about the real necessities of people living in disadvantaged rural areas and about the challenges they face like inaccessibility to job training, basic education, health services, and more. Michael started to value the comfortable life that the most American citizens have in comparison to this small community in Brazil.


"It made me realize that I am extremely wealthy compared to others around the earth. I can eat anything I want whenever I want, I can further my education if I please," Michael said.


After Michael and the rest of the volunteers finished rebuilding the Internet and community center and equipped it with new computers, books, and other equipment, he returned home with an itch to change something in his life, but wasn’t quite sure how.


Several months following the Global PeaceMakers program, Michael decided to start a new professional plan and serve to others as a part of his lifestyle, and applied to be a Peace Corps volunteer. In October 2010, he was accepted to the Peace Corps, being one of the thousands of Americans effecting social service around the world. "SFP was a big reason why I decided to join the Peace Corps. SFP opened up my eyes," Michael Expressed.


In the Peace Corps, Michael would like to work in the same community that he worked as a volunteer with Service For Peace in Brazil, because he experienced a strong bond with the people of the village. The sense of local empowerment that the community members seemed to develop gave him hope that it could transform into a Community of Peace. "Two weeks convinced me more needed to be done. So I joined the Peace Corps," Michael said.


According to Charles Phillips, the president of Service For Peace, Michael is a model citizen who, as a result of his experience volunteering with Service For Peace, could transform his life and carry on the spirit of service and peace for in his own community and around the world.


Michael Bustamente, 23, is a Colombian-American law student from St. Johns University in New York City. Michael will start his year as a volunteer in Peace Corps in February 2011, and will spend 2 years serving in his future placement in Latin America & the Caribbean.


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