"Spreading Seeds of Compassion Through Integrated Media" 

"We create and promote impact through profit, integrity and innovation."

"We foster growth and contribution in everything we do."

"We think and thank with our hearts!"

Dear Friends,

“Grateful” was created as a way for us to creatively market and fund our company projects. We decided to leave our corporate jobs, in TV production, in order to start our own company with the mission of producing content that impacts.

Why do we do this? Because we want to make a difference!

We realized that together we could make a significant impact in the media world by embracing the concept of “good” media. We consider ourselves social entrepreneurs focused on producing content that matters.

Finding the investment dollars to fund our films and company takes time, risks and hard work. So we came up with what we like to call a creative solution. We decided to launch this jewelry line in order to fund our company and projects, as well as to begin establishing the first steps towards our grander vision of producing impact.

'Grateful' was the first thing we needed to share with the world because we are extremely grateful for all that we have and for all of the amazing people in our lives who support our dream. Every day we will continue to live in gratitude for life and for the people in our lives.

We continue to work every day towards the success of our company, as well as its impact. We've changed our lives and taken risks in order to remain focused. Today we are relying solely on the revenue of Aceneth, to fund our passions and our lives. 'Grateful' has become the miracle tool that will help us to survive and continue to push forward.

We will continue to live in alignment with our core values of Social Entrepreneurship, Compassion & Gratitude and live appreciatively for all that we have. We hope you will join our movement so we can continue to empower and inspire others with our projects.

Each purchase will help us get one step closer to our goal and our dream.

Please visit:  http://www.jilllynnandco.com/gbyacjily.html.

Thank you for your time and support. With Gratitude and at your Service,

Glo & Jo

Gloria Camacho

Johanna Salazar

Aceneth Founders


P.S. Stay tuned for the Aceneth's 'Compassion' Next! Once we make headway with 'Grateful" and Aceneth has it's foundation set, our 'Compassion' line will continue to build on our impact by connecting your purchase with producing change directly all over the world!

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